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A Run For Uganda – What a Brilliant Effort

The Run for Uganda poster

How do you fancy running 6,575 miles?

That is just what the 200 pupils and 20 staff at Westwood Primary School in Clayton-le-Woods, Lancashire are doing this term. It is the distance between the school and Entebbe in Uganda.

This enormous sponsored event is to raise funds for their sister schools in the villages of Bulumbu and Bubebbere.

I try to keep my appeals to our existing supporters to a minimum because I know that many of you help again and again. But this is something very special and deserves their encouragement.

Ready, steady, go. At the start.

Ready, Steady, Go!

Wow! After week one, the team had achieved 1,525 miles and had already reached Rome!

By the end of week 1


The youngest children and their teachers are getting into the swing of things and making an important contribution.

The Reception Class helping to make a difference

The teachers setting a great example

Week 2. They have already crossed the Mediterranean and are heading off into the Sahara Desert. 2,793 miles have already been achieved. Another 3,782 to go.

Danny leads the team into the Sahara

The arrival of the rain slowed things down, but it did not halt these enthusiastic youngsters.

Year 5 children (9 & 10-year-olds) joyfully running to escape the rain

Week 3. Amazing. The brilliant progress continues. This week they have run another 1,544 miles and they are now half way across the Sahara Desert.

They have completed a total of 4,337 miles. Two-thirds of the entire distance. Only another 2,238 miles to go.

Only 2,238 miles to go

These young people deserve the support of all of us for their efforts.

Help them to help the Ugandan children who have nothing.

Please sponsor their efforts on our MyDonate page:



October in Normandy

The Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness was a busy period bringing in a good harvest for Les Amis d’Ouganda.

Forever Friends of Uganda

At the Château of Bois-Héroult

The beginning of the month saw us organise
the 10th edition of our annual Balade Contée.

Forever Friends of Uganda

A truly rural setting

The idea is that we take a country walk of up to 6 kms accompanied by story-tellers. The walkers stop regularly during the stroll to be entertained by our guests, who each year are invited to support us by our friend and colleague Jeane Charlionet-Herrington whose own charity, Raconte Moi La Campagne is our partner for the day.

Forever Friends of Uganda

Jeane entertains the walkers

Each year we have been hosted by a different village. This year we were given a fine welcome by the small community of Bois-Héroult. As always Jeane had assembled a talented team of weavers of wonders: Carole and Nathalie from Mille Choses à Dire in Rouen and Elisabeth and Claire representing Dire Lire from the north of France

Forever Friends of Uganda

The participants are enthralled by a tale

The route took the walkers from the Mairie, past the majestic village château and out into the beautiful Normandy countryside. Back at the village hall, tired but satisfied, everybody relaxed and chatted about the afternoon’s experience over the snack provided for them while they waited to see whether they were the happy winners of a prize in our annual draw.

Forever Friends of Uganda

Enjoying the beautiful Normandy countryside

Four weeks later, the month concluded with a new and exciting venture when Les Fées Orientales became our partners for an evening of tango in the foyer rural at La Feuillie.

Forever Friends of Uganda

Pascale and Frédéric – Tangomaggio

We were privileged to be able to welcome the superb duo of Pascale and Frédéric Andrews on accordion and keyboard. Together they make up Tangomaggio and they enthralled lovers of Argentinian tango and the general audience alike.

Forever Friends of Uganda

A song to vary the proceedings

The ambiance in the hall was further enhanced by demonstrations of dance and song by members of the group Tangoémoi who had travelled out from Rouen to be with us.

Forever Friends of Uganda

Members of Tangoémoi show their paces

Members of Les Amis d’Ouganda also added to the evening through their hard work preparing for the evening and helping to serve crepes, cake and drinks, as well as selling Ugandan crafts to the enthusiastic participants on our small African market.

Forever Friends of Uganda

The view from the craft stall

I cannot finish without expressing our enormous thanks to our story-tellers and musicians. They are all true professionals who were prepared to offer their time and their skills, free of any charge, in order to try to help those children who are so very much worse off than any of us.

The sponsored children at Bubebbere.

The sponsored children at Bubebbere.

Official Opening of the School Hall at Bubebbere

Official Opening of the School Hall at Bubebbere

Saturday 21st February 2015

The official bit - cutting the string

The official bit – cutting the string

The provision of a school hall is a vital step in our efforts to ensure the long-term viability of Little Angels Primary School. At its most basic and essential level, it provides a centre for examinations, both state and school-based.

Entering the Hall

Entering the Hall

In the end though, academic considerations are no more than a starting point for its full potential. The Hall will be able to serve as dining room. Until now the children have had to eat outdoors (as we have done on our visits). It will be a place of relaxation for teaching staff and for the orphanage children in the evenings. It can also provide a venue for dancing and drama lessons. In the long term our colleagues hope that a part of the space can be used to provide a small library for the school.

Some of the teaching staff

Some of the teaching staff

It will also serve as a place to meet with parents and, once it is properly established, the whole community will benefit from the building as it can be used as a social centre; there is nowhere in the village itself.

Time for speeches

Time for speeches

The official opening took place on the afternoon of Saturday 21st February. Les Amis d’Ouganda was represented by Jeanette and Keith Mills from France and Pamela Winders from London. We were welcomed by our principal hosts Berna & George Senyonga. The excitement was high as the new hall filled up with children, school staff, parents and guardians, as well as local government officials and the head teacher of a nearby primary school.

There weren't enough benches - we had to send out for more

There weren’t enough benches – we had to send out for more

The guests have gathered. With Janet Nambi who has just gained her certificate after having been sponsored on a hairdressing course

The guests have gathered. With Janet Nambi who has just gained her certificate after having been sponsored on a hairdressing course

The afternoon started and finished with the distribution of gifts and clothes to children. These had been sent by sponsors and supporters of our charity. In the meantime there were speeches and, I think, far more important was the entertainment provided by the pupils for the pleasure of everybody.   It was right and proper that the children were at the heart of what went on that afternoon, as class after class marched onto the stage to sing for us.

Senior pupils entertain us.

Senior pupils entertain us.

Some of the little ones entertain us

Some of the little ones entertain us

There was a special end to the day for the three of us as we were served with a meal under the trees close to the hall. An important part of this was a dish of tilapia (a local fish delicacy) which had been caught on Lake Victoria from a boat that had been constructed by the young members of the Bulumbu Dream Scheme group.

Our feast after the ceremony

Our feast after the ceremony

Several years ago, we provided a solar panel for the orphanage at Bubebbere (this is situated next to the new hall) for both the safety and welfare of the young people living there. Later, a group of supporters of Les Amis d’Ouganda raised some money for us and requested that it should be used to light the hall in a similar way so that the orphanage, the school and the community at large could gain full value from the construction. This was installed in December 2014 and is now providing lighting for the hall.


The backing group

The backing group

The building work was started in July 2013 and was largely finished by end of 2014, though there was plenty of finishing work (including painting and the installation of a ceiling) to complete after that time. We are very grateful to the Region of Haute Normandie for the grant which enabled us to complete this project. Without their support, it would not have been possible.

On the school truck - happy children going home to Bulumbu

On the school truck – happy children going home to Bulumbu

Balade Contée 2014

Bois-Guilbert château Balade contée, 28 septembre 2014

Bois-Guilbert Château
Balade contée, 28 septembre 2014


The 9th edition of our Balade Contée promises to be a very special event. The backcloth for the stories and songs will be the magical setting of the sculpture garden at the Château of Bois-Guilbert. Jean-Marc de Pas is a sculptor of renown, and pauses to look at his works will punctuate the entertainment.


Couple from Jean-Marc de Pas

Couple from Jean-Marc de Pas


We look forward to sharing an afternoon when dreams can come true; a perfect marriage of the pleasures of the world of stories during a short walk through gardens which evoke thoughts of a time gone by.


4 seasons of Jean-Marc de Pas

4 seasons of Jean-Marc de Pas


As always, and for the 9th time, Jeane Herrington has assembled a talented team of story-tellers. Martine Bataille, Reynald Flory and Isabelle Modard have all entertained our participants in previous years. For a first time, they will be joined by members of LʼAtelier Pluie de Contes from Bosc le Hard (France) who will add a new dimension to the experience.


Balade contée Event with Friends of Uganda

Balade contée
Event with Friends of Uganda


The event will take place on the afternoon of Sunday 28th September. We meet at 14:00 and, after the first stories, the stroll around the gardens will get under way. The tour will be complete by around 17:00 when we shall gather together for a refreshing drink and snack.

The cost is 6 euros for each walker, although children under 10 only pay 3€ (free for the under 5s). There is a special group price of 15€ for a family of 2 adults and 2 children.


Balade contée in France - Friends of Uganda

Balade contée in France – Friends of Uganda

At the beginning and end of the afternoon you will be able to purchase Ugandan crafts from our stall. All of the funds raised by the event will go to help children in need.

Our T-shirt "Friends of Uganda"

Our T-shirt “Friends of Uganda”


We look forward to welcoming a large number of participants to make this an exceptional celebration of story-telling and sculpture; a real pleasure for a very good cause.