A Run For Uganda – What a Brilliant Effort

The Run for Uganda poster

How do you fancy running 6,575 miles?

That is just what the 200 pupils and 20 staff at Westwood Primary School in Clayton-le-Woods, Lancashire are doing this term. It is the distance between the school and Entebbe in Uganda.

This enormous sponsored event is to raise funds for their sister schools in the villages of Bulumbu and Bubebbere.

I try to keep my appeals to our existing supporters to a minimum because I know that many of you help again and again. But this is something very special and deserves their encouragement.

Ready, steady, go. At the start.

Ready, Steady, Go!

Wow! After week one, the team had achieved 1,525 miles and had already reached Rome!

By the end of week 1


The youngest children and their teachers are getting into the swing of things and making an important contribution.

The Reception Class helping to make a difference

The teachers setting a great example

Week 2. They have already crossed the Mediterranean and are heading off into the Sahara Desert. 2,793 miles have already been achieved. Another 3,782 to go.

Danny leads the team into the Sahara

The arrival of the rain slowed things down, but it did not halt these enthusiastic youngsters.

Year 5 children (9 & 10-year-olds) joyfully running to escape the rain

Week 3. Amazing. The brilliant progress continues. This week they have run another 1,544 miles and they are now half way across the Sahara Desert.

They have completed a total of 4,337 miles. Two-thirds of the entire distance. Only another 2,238 miles to go.

Only 2,238 miles to go

These young people deserve the support of all of us for their efforts.

Help them to help the Ugandan children who have nothing.

Please sponsor their efforts on our MyDonate page:



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