Great News

Forever Friends of Uganda is now an officially registered charity. It has taken a great deal of hard work from our Trustees to get us to this stage, but it is truly gratifying that it has all has paid off and that the Charity Commission were happy with the submission in rapid time.

Tax advantages

Many of you – our generous sponsors and donors – have already forwarded your signed Gift Aid forms and we thank you. Now we shall be able to make our submission to collect the benefit from that scheme. It is not a small consideration.

Grant Funding

We hope that our newly-gained charitable status will facilitate access to increased income. Many funders are only allowed to fund registered charities. Others may choose to work in such a way.

We all have to admit that, although we have been supporting our Ugandan friends for some thirteen years, we are treading new ground as far as this new status is concerned. If there are people among you who have experience in this field and would be prepared to advise us on how we might move forward, we should be very grateful.

These children deserve a chance in life.

These children deserve a chance in life.

Positive Image

To date the greater part of our support has come through personal contact. People we know have been prepared to trust us, and I do hope that we have always repaid that trust. Nevertheless, if we are to achieve our goals, we shall need to go beyond this limited access to support. Our new status should help us to promote a positive image and give people who do not yet know us confidence that we are legitimate and worthy of support.

 This is how we are working at present


To support a child in primary school costs no more than £65 a year. I am confident that there is nobody providing such support for these children in need as cheaply as we do. If you are not already involved in the scheme, please ask for more information. There are so many children in poverty that we cannot help and we always need more people to take on this role.

We need to improve the classroom learning conditions. Before.

We need to improve the classroom learning conditions. Before.

Capital Projects

We are currently renovating the classrooms in the village school at Bubebbere. These rooms have dirt floors, walls which have never been plastered and are without doors and windows. They are far from being conducive to successful study. Because we do not have sufficient funds (and it is not much more than £1,000 to renovate a classroom in this way), we are slowly progressing the work one room at a time.

We need to improve the classroom learning conditions. After.

We need to improve the classroom learning conditions. After.

Once we have completed this phase, the whole block will need to be re-roofed. The existing roof is leaking badly.

There are many other needs, but we are forced accept the maxim: slowly but surely. For reasons such as this, one-off donations are always welcome.

Associate Membership

This is a non-voting contribution, which not only helps to add to our progress, but gives us the satisfaction of knowing that you are standing alongside us. It costs a minimum of £5 per person per year. For that small amount you will receive a members-only newsletter twice a year and a promise that the income will be ring-fenced to support the education of the children at the two primary schools in Bulumbu and Bubebbere.

The children are loving the new opportunity to read.

The children are loving the new opportunity to read.

Please help us directly if you can, or with your advice about how we may add to our income. In addition, if you have friends who you think may be sympathetic to our cause, please share the blog with them, suggest they look up our Facebook Page or get in touch with us directly. We are always pleased to receive and reply to such contacts.


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