Help to give a child a future

Les Amis d’Ouganda


Help to give a child a future

The children that we want to help come from very poor communities. They live at a subsistence level. Life expectancy is very short – diseases such as measles, diarrhoea and malaria are common. Nutrition is poor.

Many of them are orphans whose parents have died of AIDS. Even among those who embark on primary education, many have to drop out. They cannot afford the school fees; they have to look after their younger brothers and sisters; often at a very young age they have to work.

Their future looks grim.

Les Amis d’Ouganda is dedicated to helping our Ugandan colleagues to improve their chances in life.

Please sponsor one of them. Show them that someone, somewhere cares. £65 a year (about £1.25 a week) is a small amount for a child’s future.

This will pay for:

  •  a year’s tuition
  •  lunch every day of the school year
  •  administration charges

We cannot help every child in need – so how do we choose the youngsters that we seek to support? We are trying to help:

  •  Orphans.
  •  Children from poor families.
  •  Marginalised girl children (Ugandan culture tends to favour boys to the disadvantage of girls)
  •  Bright but poor children – and those who have the personality and desire to succeed.
  •  Children working on Dream Scheme projects.

We promise to give you feedback; initially in the form of end-of-term reports and photos. Later those who have made enough progress will be able to write to you.

Les Amis d’Ouganda
Sponsorship Application

Please fill in the details below and return the form to the address given.

I/We wish to sponsor a child at a cost of £65 per year.

British cheques should be made out to “Friends of Uganda”.

(Ask for details if you would prefer to pay by bank transfer)

Please return to: Mr Keith Mills,  Les Amis d’Ouganda,

16 rue du Bas, 76780 Saint-Lucien, France.

phone : 00 33 2 35 90 51 95

Email : 4 . oiseaux @ wanadoo . fr


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